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    e-Invoicing compliance.

    When electronic invoice rhymes with global compliance.

Take benefits of invoice automation without compromising compliance

More and more countries are allowing or even mandating electronic invoicing. The automation of the invoice process enables direct cost reductions of up to 90% and also allows in many countries, a more effective collection of VAT. However, to take full advantage of paperless invoicing, companies must follow specific rules and requirements to prove the integrity and authenticity of the invoice. These regulations differ from one country to another.

eddyson goes 100% e-invoicing compliance.

eddyson has built strong partnerships with recognized local and international experts to offer its customers turnkey e-invoicing solutions compliant with all international regulations.

  • Instantly go paperless in more than 55 countries
  • One legal archive across all countries
  • Compliance maintained over time

eddyson compliance service works with all of our solutions and can be installed on premise, delivered as a cloud service or in hybrid mode.

e-invoicing to public administration in Europe.

In many countries, paper invoices are no longer accepted and public administrations require to receive from providers the invoices in electronic formats. This will become mandatory for all European countries by 2020.

Whether you are using our offering on premise, on demand or on hybrid mode, Eddyson provides ready to use solutions that allow you to send e-invoices to the public administrations of each country.

Business to government in LATAM.

While specific requirements vary by country, global companies operating in Latin America can expect some consistencies among e-invoicing mandates. Latin America requires a real-time, fully integrated process; Compliance is much more than a digital signature, it requires full integration between your ERP, the government server and tax reporting.

eddyson end-to-end LATAM e-invoicing solutions allow companies to maintain comprehensive compliance within their existing ERP, maintaining complete corporate visibility and eliminating audit risks.

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