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B2B goes E-Commerce


eddyson provides state-of-the-art solutions for data interchange with customers and suppliers.
EDI can be faster, easier and cheaper than you can imagine.

Your specialist in
migration scenarios

High quality support


Future adjustments of partner mappings in support included.

License-free EDI technology


On premise or on demand.
It´s your decision.

A business commerce network is more than just EDI.

Modern data interchange is a connection, interaction and cooperation between business partners in real time. The innovative technology of eddyson allows for comprehensive and customized B2B solutions that are suited for companies of all sizes and requirements.

Long-term implementation processes, expensive updates and unpredictable costs for your EDI infrastructure will be no longer an issue for you.

Our modular approach reduces your costs

eddyson’s modular tools considerably facilitate your everyday work, and you pay only for what you actually need.

Whether you opt for an on-premises solution and decide to operate the software at your company or you choose a flexible and affordable on-demand service: with eddyson you save resources and money right from the start, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

On Demand
The innovative EDI-service for suppliers as an on-demand service. Free setup. Free mappings.

Client Edition
The fast and inexpensive EDI entry for suppliers. On-premises. No license costs.

Server Edition
Solution package suited for digital connection of large user groups.

  • Alba
  • Benning
  • biTTner
  • Marley
  • Mitegro
  • Pelikan
  • Wagner