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    Simple solutions for complex business challenges.

    Together with us, you will perfect the automated data interchange with your business partners.

    The first choice for future-proof EDI

    eddyson provides the most innovative solutions available on the market, which will quickly allow your business to enjoy all the advantages of EDI.

    eddyson’s solutions meet all your needs, regardless of whether you are a small company that wants to exchange documents digitally with customers or a global player that wants to integrate suppliers in a global supply chain.

eddyson offers cost-efficient standard products that cover exactly your requirements.
Do not compromise. Do not waste time or money.

eddyson provides perfectly suited standard components whenever possible and customized solutions for specific requirements only when necessary. Our customers get precisely the solution that is right for them and pay only for the components that they really need!

Our experienced professional team will accompany you from the analysis and evaluation of your needs, existing ERP systems and IT environment, through development, and up to the implementation of the strategic measures most appropriate for your requirements.

    Connecting customers made easy

    With our smart solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, you as a supplier can take advantage of the immediate availability of partner connectivity packages in order to establish a digital connection with your customers. You can enjoy these benefits with a local installation of the software at your company (on-premises) or with our flexible on-demand service.

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Supplier integration with drag & drop

eddyson’s modular applications guarantee the highest digitization rates while maintaining a remarkable performance. Intuitive tools help you to model and visualize your business processes. This results in standardized mapping packages that allow easy connection of your suppliers in a very short time.

Your suppliers will receive free of charge all the necessary software components, including mappings, which eddyson provides as ready-to-run packages.

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e-invoicing – Take benefits of invoice automation without compromising compliance

More and more countries are allowing or even mandating electronic invoicing. The automation of the invoice process enables direct cost reductions of up to 90% and also allows in many countries, a more effective collection of VAT. However, to take full advantage of paperless invoicing, companies must follow specific rules and requirements to prove the integrity and authenticity of the invoice. These regulations differ from one country to another.

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