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    EDI can be very simple.

    eddyson provides standard components that can meet every requirement individually.

Perfectly fitting solution components for any market requirement

Using a modular approach, eddyson has the right products for participating quickly and inexpensively in a digital data exchange. Our solution gives you a rapid, automated data exchange with your business partners.

Reliable, future-proof … and incredibly low-priced!

Standard products suited exactly to your needs

yOD. Innovative B2B solutions for suppliers as an on-demand version.

Put an end to high entry costs, long-term implementation process and expensive updates. With our on-demand service yOD, you, as a supplier, benefit from the immediate availability of partner packages for digital connection with your customers. Faster, simpler, and cheaper than with any other solution on the market.

Reduce the costs of EDI communication!

  • Free setup
  • Free mappings
  • Low running costs

We take care of the entire implementation of the data exchange with your business partners.
And security comes first: our solution runs only in certified and secured data centers worldwide.

yCE. Smart B2B solution for suppliers as an on-premises version.

The B2B software solution yCE (Client Edition) from eddyson gives you fast access to electronic data interchange. You get the software with no license fees.
Partner packages that include all the processes for a partner are provided for a fixed price.
You can do the ERP integration yourself, as it is based on standardized interfaces, or we can implement it for you. With the browser-based monitoring, you can always keep track of your processes and business data in real time.

ySE. Complex b2b solutions made easy. For bigger companies on the market.

eddyson GmbH specializes in the development and operation of solution components for interconnecting large user groups.

Our Server Edition (ySE) implements an infrastructure that acts as a basis for connecting all participants in a commercial process in one network. Due to this interconnectedness, the boundaries between various participants are dissolved, and a new virtual platform is created. All necessary data from the transaction processing are available to each participant in real time.

Please contact us for more information.